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Previous Entry I can't believe this Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 02:02 am Next Entry
I was updating my website since the one my brother was working on for me during his spare time isn't up and all of a sudden it stopped allowing me access to my own site. I was just checking to see what poems are linked to it. That is just terrible. Tells me to try back in an hour. That is just wrong. Anyways my dad sucked kinda. I had 4 hours of sleep. And I had to take my mom to work so I could go pick up my final paycheck at walhell. And Go deposit it in the bank then drop off the insurance. Anyways on my way to the bank this old man in a car in the lane next to me. We were both in turning lanes. Turning left. He had a handicap sticker in his window. Well while we were turning the old bastard cuts me off no turn signal nothing. So when I got on the main street towards the bank I went into the right lane sped up and cut his ass off. Then he speeds up goes into the right lane passes the van infront of me and again cuts that person off. No turn signal nothing. I told my mom that I think he just wanted to get hit. She said it sounded like it. Why are old people so hateful? I just don't understand it. What did us kids do to these old people to make them so bitter and hateful. It is no wonder why the old bastard has a handicap sticker in his window. With the way he cuts people off with no signal he probably got into an accident once before and made himself handicap. God I hate people and I hate how they drive. Why are people so stupid in america today. Then when I was driving home from picking up my mom. This jerk that is in the army was in the left turning lane towards Ft Carson. And I was in the right turning lane. I crept up to see if any cars were coming. And of course he was in an SUV. and that jerk crept up so I couldn't see shit. I mean come on. That is what we have in the army right now fighting for our country. Think that is odd back in June when I first got with my guy whom doesn't talk to me now. But we will see how long that lasts. Anyways when he left it was sprinkling and he bolted for his car cuz he didn't want to get wet. *rolls eyes. Yes people these are american soliders in the army. Makes ya wonder doesn't it?
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