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Bed Of Roses - Moonlit Breeze

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Previous Entry Bed Of Roses Sep. 15th, 2005 @ 12:23 am Next Entry
Sweet serenity
Peaceful tranquility
Rose full bloom
Scent of paradise
So who was it
That has said
Life is not a bed of roses
Blind they were
Not seeing full view
The big picture
Open your eyes
Me standing in them
Tear stained face
This is my life
Content but only
From birds eye view
Thorns that can scar
At every move I make

Ok I'm happy cuz I found my poetry journal. Problem is the poem I want now is only on my one website which is down right now. Here is one poem I been trying to find. I think you all might relate in some way or another. The creepy part is I wrote it Jan 17, 2002 and there are moments were this poem is still fresh and it still speaks my life.
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