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Previous Entry Great News Nov. 30th, 2005 @ 01:18 pm Next Entry
Not only do I have my birthday on tuesday to look forward to. But Jan 1st 2006 I start college. Yes I got into a college. It's AIU online. American Intercontinental Universities. It's online but I'm searching for a part time job right now. Still single. But hey I got my career to look forward to. Interior Designing. I want to be an interior Designer Consultant. LOL. I love my sims game. I loved dream house when I was younger on Commador 64. And I love Andrew in While You Were Out. He is a stone cold fox. Yummy. I'm sooo excited. Since I haven't seen you online lately Ed I had to come here and let ya know. I hope everything is ok. I hope your girl is doing ok.
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