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Sorry Yall Sep. 7th, 2005 @ 11:17 pm
Sorry it has been a while. I just haven't been myself lately. There is alot going on right now. I'm sure it will settle. Anyways I applied for a job at t-mobile. I will hear something in the next two weeks. My grandma came to Denver to visit my uncle. My brother, mother, sister in law, and I will go up and visit them on saturday. I can't wait. My mom feels she won't be able to keep teh job she has. She got a 75 on her last test. And this time in this training course she gets three tests and they have to average out to 90. Her first test was an 89. She said she would have to get a hundred on her next test to pass.

But on the flip side this guy has caught my eye. He is from right here in the springs. He is really sweet. Of course we met off of myspace. I haven't met him in person. He just flatter me today. This is what he wrote.

Anyhoo, and no, I won't steal any of your poems, heh. Are they that good? What two poets come to mind FIRST when you think of your favorite poets? Mine are Octavio Paz and Rumi at the moment. I wish I ssssounded like either of them. heh. Let me read one of your poems. But if you let a guy read one of your poems and he gets hooked on you, it's your fault. hah, so choose a nice one for me!

Like a guy has ever got hooked on my poems. My website is down so I can get a hold of my best poem. I tried from memory.

Bed of Roses

Sweet serenity
Peaceful Tranquility
Roses in full bloom
So who was it
that has said
Life is not
like a bed of roses
Blind they were
Not seeing it
Full view
me standing in them
Content but only
From birds eye view
Thorns that can scar
At every move I make.

promotion Sep. 5th, 2005 @ 11:19 pm
ed_g is it cool that I promote this here? If not I will delete it. I won't cry much! ;)

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Friends Only Banners, Icons, Banners, Headers, graphics, artwork.

Blinkies are coming soon to akaleiagraphics

Introduction to a yet un-named story Sep. 5th, 2005 @ 11:04 pm
I wrote this and have no idea where it is going, or what to call it...that will come later as I figure out where the thing is going!:) LOL!-Ed-


People usually stay indoors on Blustery days. It's cold. Wind chill makes it colder. So when I saw Simon walking down the street in shorts and a short sleeve shirt with the snow swirling around him, I had to find out why.


Simon, a strapping young man of 11 with Emerald green eyes, walnut brown hair, and sun tanned skin, was much like most boys his age. He played outside in giant mud puddles, he ran through the woods on grand adventures, and collected slimy things like toads and bugs. The one thing that did separate him from most boys his age was that he has special powers. Now most people say there are no such things as ghosts, magic, esp, aliens, etc, but I'm here to tell you they all exist. I too was skeptical, that is till I heard his stories. That, and also an image of a boy sweating while wearing summer clothes even though a thin blanket of snow kissed the ground, and more swirled about the boy's brown hair. Now, the stories you are about to hear are all true, They were handed down to me from Simon every sunday over a couple chocolate shakes at around noon. Some are funny, Some are scary. But as unbelievable as they seem I repeat again, they are all 100% true.

new icon Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 04:09 pm
Here is my new grave icon, if you would like one with your LJ name, message me here, or even on my own journal, or email, I don't care. No rules...Just right! I made the grave bg by hand...er...mouse, so no crediting outside sources needed!!!...HA! You don't have to have some word hidden in the post, I have no limit...just you have to be a member to get this. I hope you like!:-)-Ed-

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My Reading Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 01:26 pm

My basic soul self now - Wanting to live life without consequences. Not wanting to be tied down to anyone specific.

2. Pressing Issues - Finances are difficult. Having trouble catching up and becoming financially stable.

3. My gift from him- He is being a faithful lover. He has given the gift of a new beginning.

4. My gift to him - I give him time to figure things out. I don't push him into answering me about where we are going, where I stand with him. I let things flow. Let him go at his own pace.

5. My personal growth - I have developed the ability to maintain my cool during very stressful times.


6. His basic soul self now - He feels he is obligated to do things. He has a dominate power. He can do it himself. Doesn't need help from others.

7. Pressing issues - Trying to not worry about things. Wants his spirit to feel free. Too much weight on his shoulders.

8. His gift to me - He changes himself to unite with me. He gives me harmony and a strong friendship.

9. His gift from me - I give him the feeling he is needed. He is important. I respect him for who he is.

10. Personal Soul Growth - The mysteries behind the veils have been released. He will balance intution and knowledge.

Our Relationship

11. Snapshot of the infant relationship - We both have been working but we take time out to see eachother whenever we can. We are on eachothers minds.

12. Bond/the karmic tie that binds - We will bond like no other. Once we break that wall that covers our hearts. Our bond will be stronger then ever.

13. Lessons for relationship - We need our strength to get through anything. Need to stay strong for eachother as well as let our guards down.

14. Lessons for relationship - we need to help eachother and accept the others help when they offer.

15. Lessons For relationships - We need to be sensitive to eachothers needs.

16. Blessings for the future - We are destined to be. our dreams have come true. The spirit world and human world become one in peace and harmony.
Other entries
» Reading for Ed.

1. Her Basic soul self now - 7 of coins - She can finally feel relaxed. She is now enjoying the fruits of her own labor.

2. Pressing issues, possitive and negative - 6 of swords - She is on a journey, She is being safe, She is being cautious.

3. Her gift from him - 6 of pens - He gives her a gift of believing in herself. gives her the gift of confidence.

4. Her gift to him - 8 of swords upsidedown - She gives him leap of faith. He is making a big jump right now with this person. But it's a good jump to be made. She is there to catch him when he leaps.

5. Personal soul growth necessary for her - 2 of swords - Emotional isolation, needs to open her soul more and express how she truelly honestly feels.


6. His basic Soul self now - The Fool - His soul is free. He feels he can do whatever he wants and not have to worry about anything.

7. Pressing issues, positive and negative - Knight of coins upsidedown - He can be a careless person at times. He doesn't mean to be careless.

8. His gift to her - The Tower - He is breaking his old self down and rebuilding a new him for her.

9. His gift from her - The sun - She is giving him the gift of seeing everything in a new light. Being there for him. Being his sunshine.

10. Personal soul growth necessary for him - kight of cups upside down - Forced activity. He needs to force himself to soul search his own soul. Get to know the inner self.

The Relationship

11. Snapshot of the infant relationship - Knight of Reels - Both were feeling a bit disatisfied. Thinking the other person will be like the rest.

12. Bond/the Karmic tie that binds - The World - Their karma connects. Putting them both on top of the world.

13. Lessons for relationship growth - the hanged man - They can not lose their heads. The need to focus and be serious when time is needed to be serious.

14. Lessons for relationship growth - 8 of pens upside down - Can't rush in wanting an answer right away. Just need to relax and let things flow and eventually you'll get the answer you need.

15. Lessons for relationship - 5 of coins - need to make sure that your fiancial problems come first. Don't call in sick just to see the other person. Both needs to make the money so they can support themselves.

16. Blessings For the future - temperance - Their soul together will eventually reach a peace. They will be inseperable. They will compliment eachother.
» An Angel Has Kissed Me
An Angel has kissed me
Makes me feel safe
When I'm in his arms
When I hear his voice

Makes me feel safe
When he is around me
When I hear his voice
My heart skips beats

When he is around me
I don't ever want him to leave
I feel overwhelmed
An angel has kissed me
» Friends only banners
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» group icon
I have a group icon, so if you would like to snatch it for use in promoting the group, then be my guest, as always with any icons I make, no credit needed.

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» SOULMATE(First of many poems about my love)

I try to put
A jigsaw together
Of a 1000 pieces
To see the beautiful picture
Lost within the puzzle
It takes all my life
Yet always out of reach
One piece always missing
To torment my lost mind
One lost piece-
A legend I used to
Believe in
Then soon it too
Was Forgotten
Held alongside
Easter Bunny
Santa Clause
A figment of my imagination
But What was lost is found
Or rather it found me
And my puzzle
once incomplete
Is full and right
Is alive
A Jigsaw
Is never
Ever complete
Without that missing piece
I'm so happy my
Puzzle is finnished
Now that I have found my

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