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Moonlit Breeze

Feelings Blown Across The Night

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A gentle wind
Blew through my hair
On a warm
Summer's eve
It carried with it
Tales of senses
That held me tight
In thier grasp
It blew across my lips
A soft Gentle love-filled kiss
It blew accross my face
To deliver
A hurt riddled slap
It held the scents of
Long lost love
And that of
love newly raised
It brought the sounds
Of tears and joy
It brought sounds
Of fear and regret
It held me in
it's soft warm touch
As it blew across
The night
It took with it
The tale I held
Hidden within my heart
Moonlit drenched
It blew through
The night
To tell all the tales
In our soul


This is a community dedicated to the Imagination. Is there a story you wrote? something fantastical or real? Are there drawings that you made and would like the world to see? Do you make graphics, Icons/banners/wallpaper and you want a place to share it? Do you write poetry and have no place to place it? Do you write songs or have musical performances you want people to hear? This is a community of sharing these things in our hearts. Join the community. Let your art ride this moonlit breeze. And enjoy what others have shared.


1.You are free to post anything you want, but if it is vulgar, rude, or contains nudity, put it behind an lj-cut, and post up a warning. If you need help doing LJ-cuts, ask. People will help.

2.LJ-cuts should also be used for large graphics such as banners, and for more than 4 icons. This may seem dumb to you, but some people have computers that take longer to load when a page has too many graphics.

3.If you are curious about certain things, ask. I am willing to help out with whatever you need, be it help with something you are writing, how to make icons, where to find more information about something, etc.

4.Credit is optional, if you want it ask. Keep disputes out of community.

5.Writing and art is very personal. While I don't care about crediting for things like friends only banners, skins, icons, wallpapers, I do very deeply care about someone taking a piece of writing or artwork and giving it to someone as thier own or posting it on thier own journal as something they wrote or drew themselves. Icons are one thing, but stealing art and keeping it for something other than personal use or to use it as your own work is idenity theft, and you will be removed from the group if you do it. if you are going to use someone's writing or a piece of art, at least post the author's name, and that includes using the art or writing to make icons, you can say you made the icon, but give the artist the credit for drawing the picture or writing the words. once again if someone is cool about you not using thier name it is fine by me, and there will be times when I don't care about being credited for artwork. But I will post that I don't care if you use it or not, and ask others to do the same.

6.Be nice to your fellow members. No flaming. period! You will be removed from the community if you break this rule. There will be no warnings for people being mean to other members within the community. No exceptions. If someone attacks you instead of attacking back, let someone know. The guilty parties will be removed from the group. Also don't mistake criticism for an attack. I will be looking into every complaint personally, and will decide if something is an attack or just criticism.

7.You can advertise your community as long as it has to do with art/writing/graphics. any community not associated with any of these categories will have the post deleted.

8.If you can help someone please do. It will make things run much more smoothly, and will make our community a fun and relaxing place to enjoy.

9.If you have any problems with anything in the group, you can contact me at veryspecialed@gmail.com. I try to check my email every day when I can, and will try and answer any problems, questions, or disputes that you have. If I can't find you an answer. I will email you back and let you know. Don't be affraid to email me!

10.HAVE FUN! this is the most important rule! This is not a jail,or a prison, and this is not a school. so when you are in here, you have every right to have fun!:)